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Post Birthday Appreciation Post

December 17th, 2013

Since my Birthday was on Thanksgiving I still haven’t had time to properly celebrate with friends. And now it’s getting close to Christmas, but I still appreciate the warm birthday wishes and gifts. So with that, thank you for everything you do. Without good submissives I would have no one to dominate.

Enjoy the holidays.


-Scarlett Lush

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Celebration, the kinky way.

November 26th, 2013
Yesterday I got to celebrate my birthday in true Scarlett style, with shopping and kink!
Sub f (for feet because I’ve made him a foot addict), came to Orlando for a day of fun. We stayed at a hotel near the mall for easy access to birthday gifts. We met in the room with his large butt plug already in place. I then applied a steel bird cage chastity device to his dripping wet member and sent him off. I gave him a long list of birthday items to get and told him to do his best.
While he was shopping I ate, took a long bubble bath and set the room up with a dark/sexy tone. An hour and a half later, poor sub f arrived slightly defeated from the crowded mall but with gifts galore. Shoes, dresses, and perfume! I was a happy lady.
I instructed him to present himself (undress in the bathroom and come back naked) and had him lay face down on the bed. I secured his hands with rope attached tightly under the bed. I had a candle lit in the middle of the room practically begging to be poured down his shivering body. His body responded with moans and goosebumps to the trickles of wax. After he was nice and heated up, I grabbed my favorite knife and drug it up and down his skin. He quivered each time the blade made contact, eagerly wanting more. The best reaction was the result of tracing it up his inner thighs, he shivered every single time. The closer I got to his balls and ass, the better the response.
It was finally cherry poppin’ time. He has never been fucked by a Woman before and his ass was ready. I pulled out the large plug and replaced it with my huge pink vibrating ass dildo. At first he was in shock, he couldn’t believe how much his little ass pucker was being stretched out by me and how much he secretly loved it. I untied him and turned him over, the bed was soaked with his cum, and he was unable to resist the deep penetration. His balls were swollen and red, his cock was pressed hard against the device, begging to be released. I ran my finger up and down the folds of skin in-between the metal cage. He yelled with eagerness. Finally I pulled off the key from my necklace and let him free. Then I climbed in between his legs and spread him apart like a little slut. I pressed my dildo in hard and deep. Faster and faster, he was sweating, moaning, and reaching nirvana. I gave him permission to touch himself while I pounded his asshole. It didn’t take long before he was begging for permission to release. I looked over at all of my gifts and smiled, he served me well and absolutely deserved to orgasm. With a nod of my head he sputtered everywhere clenching his asshole around my bright pink dildo. He fell back into the bed, experiencing something new and wonderful. It was bliss and we arrived there together. I slowly crawled up to the top of the bed and started rubbing his head and lightly scratching his chest. We talked for a bit until it was time to say goodbye. He showered and admitted he was absolutely exhausted, and had a new found love for penetration play. I sent him on his way, happy to serve his addiction to me.
It was one of my best birthdays yet.


Birthday Time!

November 25th, 2013
It’s my Birthday this Thursday. Yes, I have to share my special day with a holiday. So in order to make me feel more special I’m giving out my P.O. Box so you can send me cards, letters, and gifts.
Scarlett Lush
PO Box 120372
W. Melbourne, FL
In case you need to know I’m a shoe size 9.
My bra size is a 32D.
I’m a size small in most clothing.
I also love gift cards, especially to Victoria’s Secret.

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Let’s get social.

November 13th, 2013
Want more of your favorite Mistress?
My skype and yahoo name is scarlettlush. I only use skype/yahoo for cam sessions.

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New Videos for Your Pleasure.

November 9th, 2013
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Ready to try the 30 day chastity challenge?

Want to get cuckolded secretly?

Or perhaps you’re seeking to worship some delicious feet.

New videos updated weekly at Scarlett Lush Humilatrix

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I Own Your Orgasms

November 4th, 2013
A story written by one of my subs. Some parts are real, some parts are fantasy. All of it is erotic and came out of our dark minds.
Mistress Scarlett and Sub s
She promised it would be more rough this time as she inspected my naked form.  You see, “it’s about me” she said. “And yes, I enjoy the play with you, but I’m not so much as interested in your pain, or any fulfillment you may get from it, as I am interested in how it makes me feel when I impose it on you.”   She cupped and lifted my balls in one hand to see if they weighed heavily enough.
“As your Mistress I was disappointed in our last visit when you waited only three days between your last orgasm and when you came to see me.  Today is better. You have waited 7 as I instructed, and I can see it in your heavy balls.”
Mistress Scarlett knows that in fact I have waited 7 days.  She knows this because when we first began our periodic visits she told me if I could not be honest with her she would not have me.  So we have an agreement.  I am honest with her. 
I am her orgasm slave, Sub s. All of my orgasms are devoted to Mistress Scarlett.  This can get emotionally complicated when making love with someone else, but as I said, I am honest with her.  While she has no particular interest in my orgasms, she understands that is what an orgasm slave craves and needs, and that’s helpful for her to know when training a new submissive.  For me, it is urgent, unbridled and heart pounding when I am near her.  Once as I lay on the floor with her army boot pressed down hard on my genitals she delighted in saying, “I can feel your heartbeat through the sole of my boot”.  You are my “Sub s” now, and all of your orgasms are granted only by me.  Slowly my Sub, you are going to learn that my giving you pain will be the only way you will be able to orgasm.  I’ll teach you well so I will be able to spend so much time giving you pain and making you ache for me. 
Lost in these images of Mistress Scarlett as they race through my head I am nearly unaware as she chains my ankles and wrists to the torture bed in her dungeon.  I am brought back to reality with a slap across the face.  “Watch me!” she says.  “I am going to do things to you and you should see them”  She smiles with her mouth slightly open as she slides the steel anchor shackle around my balls… “Ah hardware stores…They should consider changing the name to ‘Home Despot’”  she says, “there are so many wonderful things on so many aisles. Don’t you think, s?” A chain is hooked to the shackle around my balls and she threads the other end of the chain through an eye bolt in the ceiling.  I am unclear whether she used the stud-finder to place the eye bolt or had the stud do it for her once she found him.  I can barely imagine how it would work at all as her stud finder has only the “on” position, regardless of where she walks.
I am tied. Restrained. Vulnerable. Mistress Scarlett lays down close next to me.  I feel her warmth.  She is almost flushed and so relaxed after our hour long foot worship session.  As her sub I feel fortunate I have something of a skill to offer in the way of sensual and soothing foot massage.  I feel useful when I caress her feet and suck her toes.  There are fleeting moments when I feel I am wanted by her, and she knows, if I am wanted I will give her anything. I will give her my balls for her to inflict any form of pain or torture or humiliation in which she cares to indulge.  Perhaps you would care to have your balls glued to your legs today, Sub s?  Who would do such a thing?  Or maybe your balls should be whipped until they bleed?
Her eyes meet mine and her parted lips glisten in the candle light.  She smiles and runs her tongue back and forth along the bottom edge of her top teeth.  “I like to bite” she says.  I wonder to myself, how does it feel when your teeth itch.  I wonder only very softly because I know she can read my thoughts.  And as I wonder it feels as though I am floating up to the sky.  There is a gentle but undeniable force raising my body up off the bed.  And just as my conscious mind realizes what is happening, my balls are jerked hard and I am raised high and tight, suspended by my balls as Mistress Scarlett yanks and jerks rapidly, repeatedly, on the other end of the eyebolt chain.  UP!!!!  UP!!!!  I WANT YOU UP!!!!  She shouts in my ear as my remarkable yoga bridge form takes hold.  Though, it is only remarkable because I do not do yoga. My body is shaking, my balls are pinned behind the steel shackle and I begin to sweat.  Need a hand?, she says, placing her palm on my ass cheeks and pushing them up a little.  How much can your balls take tonight? she asks.
She plays with my ass taking her hand off and on as I try to maintain my precarious three point balance.  “Now”, she says, “lets make this a little more comfortable for you, or not, haha.”  As I struggle not to move, she bounces off the bed and opens the play toy dresser drawer.  A large 14” bright red dildo emerges maybe 5 inches around.  She places “Big Red” upright underneath me…the head planted firmly between my cheeks.  As long as you keep it nice and tight you’ll be fine just like this.  “So, lets get started.”  “I want your balls tonight.”  “I want to make them hurt and watch what it does to you.”  “I’m going to turn them from pink to red to purple because you need some bruises.” “Bruises that will last” “And if I get what I want, you’ll get what you want, my sweet orgasm slave”.   
She begins with Miss Guatemala, a very stiff, short, multi-stranded, Central American, leather horse whip.  She whips my belly and my nipples, my thighs and then lays it hard across my penis and balls.  The skin on my balls is so tight Miss Guatemala leaves bright red thin welts which immediately raise and turn very dark red.  Next a small wooden baton…and when she hits me with it my balls register a deep penetrating ache which runs up into my belly, over and over and over, sometimes in time with the music, sometimes not, sometimes more in tune with how painful my body registers, as I grunt and hiss through my teeth.  She punches and pounds and slaps my balls. A thin red carbon fiber switch comes out and Mistress Scarlett takes careful aim at the head of my penis…better to make it hard and large so my switch will leave its proper mark she says.  And with that Miss Scarlett’s hand transforms into a Siren’s caress and I grow beneath her touch.  My erection is full and throbbing as she bends it forward and strikes the head– the thin purple bruise is nearly immediate and she strikes it again leaving a bruise that will last for two weeks.
The leather quirt comes out, the wooden spoon, a hand made paddle and she beats my balls front and back as they hang suspended from the ceiling.  Keep looking she says, you need to see it coming along with all the pain.  My body is soaked as she slowly eases the tension on the ceiling chain and I am finally allowed to rest as Big Red thankfully slips out from under me.
Her Siren’s hand again begins.  My body is drained of strength and my balls seem to be covered with a dark mottled red leather – I realize it’s what my skin has turned into after her beating them so hard, for so long.  My penis edges and strains and throbs under her hand.  Her tongue runs along the edge of her teeth again as my own edge gets closer.  I try to hold back as I know the bigger I am stretched, the wider and deeper my bruises become.  She lets off and I am quick to go soft but not before she clamps two clothes pins to the corona around the head of my penis.  And then her hand begins again. This time with each stroke of her hand, the leather quirt in the other hand slaps my balls hard.  The clothes pins bite as the skin tries to stretch between the leaves of the pin.  Mistress Scarlett smiles at the bite as she knows the pain grows more and more the harder and closer I get.  “Push  through it” she says, “you need to feel this pain little s”  “it’s pain I want you to have, it’s my gift from me to you”, she says. 
My grunts of pain now come from a deeper place and my hips raise up.  My body tightens and strains and she watches…as the Siren’s hand slows and her touch grows lighter.  I open my pleading eyes.  She knows I have given her my balls to the fullest extent I can.
I hear her voice and it is so distant…from somewhere in the back of my head she says…“I want to hear you say, ‘please don’t let me come Mistress Scarlett’ ”   And her hand resumes its irresistible caress.  The clear pre-cum flows continuously from the deeply bruised head of my cock and I manage a whisper, “Please, don’t let me come Mistress Scarlett.”  “Again, I want to hear it again” she coos.  “Please don’t let me come Mistress Scarlett”  as I feel a single pulse deep within and I know the next one will be a spasm…The Siren’s hand purposeful “AGAIN! She says.  And I say louder, “please don’t let me come!” 
And with that her hand vanishes, the leather quirt rains down one more time and she says “Oh, ok, hahaha”

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October 22nd, 2013
Posted in domme

Today has been a very productive day. I filmed a bunch of new clips for my website and even a few for my youtube channel.

I’ve been dealing the past few months with horrible and reoccurring migraines. I started getting them when I was a teenager but back then all I needed was excedrin and a nap. They were rare and not too serious. Now mine keep me in bed for a least a day, I can’t keep any food down and it causes the worst pain up and down my face, eyes, and neck. I’ve been seeing a doctor who has been helping me get them under control. Unfortunately things tend to get worse before they get better and that has been the case with all of these experiments. I was on a daily preventative that was working fantastic, but made me so sleepy and unmotivated that all I wanted to do was nap. It was really hard to get anything done, now with some diet changes and new medicine they seem to be much better. With the exception of my regular clients I’ve pretty much have taken a hiatus with work and much of my social life to concentrate on my health. Last week was the first week I’ve started feeling better again and not waking up in pain. It’s been wonderful! I’ve missed filming, indulging in kink, and now have 1,500 emails in my inbox! Sheesh. I need a slave assistant. 

I’ll be spending the rest of the week answering emails and editing clips. Stay tuned for more updates.

This is an email that one of my subs sent me after our session. Enjoy!

Mistress Scarlett:

When the opportunity presented itself …
put on the black panties that you didn’t choose for our session, settled onto the guest room bed, blindfolded myself with a scarf, put my hands behind my head and thought of being chained to your wall, blindfolded, helpless, vulnerable, thrilled, not knowing what type of blow would fall, or where, or when, writhing not to escape but to invite the next strike, to experience your cruelty, to revel in being totally under your control.
Then I thought of being on my knees before you as you tugged at the leash attached to my collar and guided my face to your strap-on. One hand drifted down to the bulge in my panties as I thought of licking and sucking your cock, of taking my eyes off it to sneak a peek up at your stern beauty, of feeling so submissive, so dominated, so humiliated yet so excited at being your slut and your slave. It didn’t take long at all before I lost control and spurted into my panties, filling them with cum without ever putting even a finger inside.
Now, that leaves me with thoughts of you bending me over the stool and taking me from behind, and of our next encounter. “

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Summer Vacation!

September 8th, 2013
Posted in personal

So my last trip for the summer was a vacation since all the other travels were for work. It was for Dragon*Con. I was mostly attending for my friends as I don’t collect comics or play any tabletop games but whatever, I’m a good sport and can have fun anywhere. We arrived late Thursday night with my 4 friends (my gaggle of gays). Friday I woke up with a migraine so I had to take a prescription and sleep it off for a few hours. Then I felt alive and was ready to con. So we grabbed dinner at a fancy place and headed off. I dressed up with my lady date and we walked around (see picture below). Then we crawled back to bed at 2 am and called it a night. The next morning was the huge parade (not to be missed) and the big con day in general, but at 5 AM I woke up and was sick to my stomach. After two hours of nonstop vomiting I decided I couldn’t take it anymore and took a taxi to the emergency room with a trash can and friend in tow. I think at this point I had vomited up the entirety of my stomach and intestines. 

I check into the hospital and the nurse gives me a tiny pill that dissolves under my tongue to slow down the nonstop vomiting. Of course a few minutes later that came back up. They took me to a room, gave me a saline drip and added some medicine to my IV to help with the sickness. The doctor decided it must have been food poisoning and sent me on my way after I proved I could eat some crackers. We got back to the hotel just in time to miss the parade. I immediately fell asleep and continued sleeping until dinner time, missing a full day of convention activities. After dinner (and barely eating of course) I wanted nothing more than the comfy hotel bed so I crawled back into it while my friends went out to the con.
Sunday morning I woke up feeling alive and ready to participate in activities. We all walked around the vendor floor, I bought an awesome vinyl corset and met some fun people. One of my friends in our group competed in this challenging strategy game that took about 6 hours total and his group (out of tons of people playing) ended up winning. He was awarded a one of a kind glass etched trophy. That night we went out as a group and things looking up. Unfortunately the doctor said I wasn’t allowed any alcohol and had to only ingest clear liquids so I ended up being the friend that sat at the table guarding everyones things while they ran off to play. I’m not a big drinker anyway but it would have been nice to celebrate with my friends instead of trying to ward away creepy guys. I still tried to enjoy the evening as much as possible given my exhaustion.
Monday it was time to leave and at this point I was looking forward to my bed with kitties in it waiting for snuggles. So we packed our huge rental van and stopped at our favorite restaurant in Atlanta before heading home. It was a Monday afternoon and the place was pretty crowded, so we waited 10 minutes until our party was seated. We placed our order and waited for our salads when the manager hurried over and asked what we were driving. We gave him the description and he said someone had busted out the window in our van. Everyone ran outside and I just sat there frozen. I couldn’t move. All I could think about was my backpack with my laptop inside full of fetish videos, pictures, and personal content. My laptop (which was an extension of myself) contained my life. All of my music, all of my pictures from Dragon*Con and everything else that was full of memories. I finally got the courage to go outside and there was glass everywhere, all inside the van, on the ground and all over our stuff. My backpack was gone. And so was my laptop with the trophy my friend won inside. Also stolen were my brand new headphones and the backpack itself, which was given to me at an artist party in Miami where there were only 50 in the world made. 2 other backpacks were stolen containing 2 more laptops, 2 Nintendo 3-DS’s (one was limited edition that is selling on ebay now for over $450), a Playstation Vita and the camera containing all of our pictures from the convention. We were heartbroken. Not only were valuables taken but all of our work and memories. The manager tried to help the best he could and we got the police called over. The restaurant (Flip Burger in Atlanta) gave us our whole meal for free and a bunch of milkshakes. It took over 3 hours to get a tow truck, a new rental and a police report, but Flip Burger held our table and wouldn’t let anyone sit there until we left.
One of the laptops has a tracking device and we checked frantically on the way home but it was never connected to wifi and still hasn’t been up to this day. We got home around 2 am. Best vacation ever.

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Summer Special!

June 1st, 2013
Summer is here and it’s time for pedicures and open-toed shoes!
(click on the pictures to see a larger view)


Starting today for the month of June I will be wearing my white flip flops everywhere. I’ve had several requests to purchase some of my used items but for this first set I thought it would be fun to make a game out of it. At the end of the month I will be raffling off these shoes with my feet imprinted inside. By the time I ship these, the flip flops will have some serious wear and tear. I’m also in Florida, and with that comes sweaty feet so I expect these to be heavily scented as well.
I already got a head start by wearing them around occasionally but June is dedicated to these white sandals.  I even featured them in one of my Fetish Friday videos.
To enter all you have to do is buy a $20 raffle ticket via PayPal.  The more tickets you buy, the better chance you have to win.The receipt shows up as Ginger Snaps (a shoe store) for privacy.  Please be sure to include a name, email, and shipping address on every ticket purchase! I will announce the winner at the end of this month.
Good luck.
-Miss Scarlett Lush

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April 12th, 2013

Good evening my fellow kinksters.

I’ve had a busy year so far. I have moved, attended two out of state kink conventions, hosted many parties, and have been working on setting up my studio.

In February for valentines weekend I went to D.C. to attend Dark Odyssey’s: Winter Fire. I’m not a girly girl who celebrates that holiday anyway and I would much rather be playing in a dungeon.

I took some creative classes, met some really interesting people, and had a few awesome scenes.

I met with two young ladies named Kitten and Princess who were pretty new into the kink scene who were looking to be co-topped that weekend. They expressed interest via email before the convention and we met in the lobby before partaking in our erotic scene. After we discussed safe words, desires, and ideas we separated for a few hours. I went back to my room to change while they went off for their first date of the night. We met up in a few hours. I instructed them to remove all of their clothing right in the middle of the hotel common area. I strapped on two leashes and led them around looking for the perfect spot to tie them up. I settled on a large metal overhang. Since they were dating I wanted the scene to be focused on both of them receiving pleasure and pain at the same time. One of my pets was there to lend at hand. If only I had a clone! So we had them stand side-by-side facing the opposite of each other. They held hands and we secured their bond with pink hello kitty duct tape. On top of their leather boots we attached leg cuffs. The outside hand was secured with rope wrapped around the pole. We added blindfolds to increase the senses. I rigged up my Tens Unit device, attached electro pads to the inside of their thighs using the same connector wire. So whenever I cranked it on, they would feel the waves of electricity at the same time on the same spot of their legs. This made for some nice squealing and jumping around whenever I was feeling like cranking on the box. It was my own little magical screaming device and I loved every second of it. Various implements were applied to their backs, thighs, and ass using floggers, canes, of course… biting! I love biting. I took turns kissing and biting them. My pet and I moved in rotation, synchronized adding more intensity as time moved on. Finally we pulled out the hitachi. We moved on to teasing more and more until they were basically whimpering. We let them both orgasm and collapse on the ground. I cuddled them both and fed them girl scout cookies for after care while my pet cleaned up our huge wet mess. We all enjoyed the scene and each others company so much that after 20 minutes of resting we decided to do round 2. I’m a huge fan of violet wand play and since they had barely any experience with it we decided to lay them side by side on a table, yet again holding hands creating a current and let them experience all that I had to offer. After about 3 or 4 hours of solid play I was exhausted. It was a fantastic and memorable night. I went back to my room for a bubble bath and rest.

How was your valentines day?



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