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April 23rd, 2014
Posted in   by ScarlettLush




What are your rates?

I try to accommodate towards the individual rather than the hour. The more extreme the request and more time it takes to set up a scene, the more it will cost. I will attempt to work within your budget if I’m able.


Do you offer free sessions?

No. I have a few subs I play with on a regular basis who I enjoy satisfying my kink with.


Do you need to know my height, weight or other physical stats?

I honestly could care less about how you look. It’s all about chemistry and personality. I do however ask that you arrive clean and sober. Hygiene is important to me. I like to know about your interests, hard limits, and BDSM experiences.


Can I send you a script for a fantasy I’ve always wanted to try?

You can, however I prefer to rely on the body language, emotional chemistry and the unique intensity of the scene rather than a forced interaction. If it’s something I feel will be too much of a distraction to try and memorize lines rather than concentrate on the moment, I won’t fulfill it.


Can we meet in public before a session?

Absolutely. In fact I prefer it rather than a phone interview. It makes things much more comfortable for both of us. We can go to lunch, dinner, or even just a coffee to break the ice.


When are you available to meet?

I take appointments from 12 – 11. I can also arrange for a session earlier or later with enough notice. I do get booked up quickly so keep that in mind for last minute appointments. A minimum 24-hours notice is required for all appointments.


Do you have a number I can call to ask you a few questions?

Yes. We can discuss anything beforehand but I always prefer to lay everything out via email. I don’t like long phone conversations and won’t give you my number until an appointment is set. Once I give you my number you may use it to call or text if you are running late or need to cancel. You may also use it to set appointments. Feel free to talk to me about anything on


Do you offer GFE, release, sex, footjobs, handjobs, get naked, etc? Can I provide you oral worship?

No, no, and no! Do not waste my time emailing or calling and asking for these type of services. It’s rude and I’ll know you didn’t read my website. Find an escort or a girlfriend.


Can I bring my girlfriend/wife/boyfiend, etc to watch or play?

If you wish to bring someone for the added experience of learning or watching for fantasy purposes it might be a possibility but I do prefer to meet everyone in a public setting first. I would need details on the arrangement.